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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Healing the Hurt of Sex Trafficking

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little
   - Edmund Burke-

Hello Friend,

I recently returned from a two-week trip to South Africa with Threads Africa. The teacher-training workshops I bring with me are being requested by more teachers and in other townships.  The future of that project is growing beyond what I ever imagined. It is an area of service that is so fulfilling and yet challenges me in so many ways. It’s a place in which God has placed me, and I have been blessed over the past five years to share in the development of these teachers and the sweet children in their care.

Returning at the end of July, I was ready to spend some time digesting what I had seen, heard and learned there. But as life often goes, my days somehow became filled up with meetings, work responsibilities, family and financial matters. Sorting through all the muck that was beginning to quickly seep into every minute of my days, God once again grabbed my heart and pointed me in the direction of service.

On September 20-26th, I will be traveling to Managua, Nicaragua with Finding Freedom International and Breaking Chains. These organizations partner with safe houses around the world to rescue and restore the lives of children and young women who have been enslaved in sex trafficking. This will be a small vision team, learning about the many faces of human trafficking in Nicaragua and designing tangible ways to help bring long-term friendship, emotional healing and life skills to the victims and their caregivers. We will also conduct a small medical clinic, addressing some of the physical concerns of these young women. This is a step of faith for me into a new area of service, but I take this step in full confidence that God has a good plan. If all I can do is a little, I will still do that.

I am writing today to ask for your help. The trip expenses will be about $1500.  Would you consider helping me raise the funds for airfare and accommodations, food and ministry supplies while I am there/? I would be so grateful for the help. If you would be willing to pray for clarity and safety for our team, those prayers would be cherished.

If you are able to contribute to my fundraising effort, please follow these instructions.
1.  Make the checks out to ATAH with "Finding Freedom Int/Terra Anders" in memo line.
2.   Mail the tax-deductible checks to Finding Freedom International – 151 Kalmus Dr., #B170, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

You can also give online by going to the Finding Freedom website at www.findingfreedomint.org

I am grateful for your continued support, and for allowing me the privilege of serving the poor and needy, the hurting and enslaved around the world. 

Terra Anders
6827 S.700 E.
Midvale, Utah  84047
(949) 689-3800

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lakeshore Learning Materials Baby Dolls Pose Choking Hazard

So many details go into designing and developing a safe and durable product for young children. Lakeshore Learning Materials has always been devoted to the process of developing child-safe toys and learning materials. However, even the most carefully designed product can fail if the oversight of materials and factory quality assurance steps is not regularly monitored. Last week, Lakeshore recalled about 4300 Feels Real Baby Dolls across the United States and Canada, after reports of a choking hazard were identified to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

CPSC is working with Lakeshore who is voluntarily recalling these dolls when it was discovered that the fingers and toes could detach from the doll during use, creating a potential choking hazard to youngsters. No injuries have been noted, but baby dolls are developmentally appropriate for children under 3 years of age who are likely to chew and mouth dolls regularly.  If small parts release unexpectantly, this does present a significant safety concern.
The baby dolls were produced in China, far from Lakeshore’s Carson, California headquarters. The cause of this defect was determined to be a "production error."  It is not unlikely for issues of this kind that a manufacturer’s consistent choice of raw material purity, quality, or curing time during production be questioned. Continued vigilance and quality assurance checks are required at the factory level and upon receipt of  incoming shipments at the importer.
The fourteen-inch, PVC plastic Feels Real Baby Dolls can be identified from the photo provided by CPSC below,as well as the product markings.  The legs, head and arms on the babies are moveable, and they come in four different ethnic models: Asian, Black, Caucasian and Hispanic. The dolls’ diapers are decorated with colored hearts, stars and swirls. 
Look for a couple of different labels sewn into the diaper at the back. One large label carries the "Lakeshore" name, and the smaller label indicates the batch number  550200. The dolls affected by this recall were sold online at the company website (www.lakeshorelearning.com) or through their mail order catalog between May 2011 and January 18, 2012.
Replacement dolls are being offered, so remove the dolls from child access and contact Lakeshore via phone at (800) 428-4414.  Consumers can contact the company on their website as well, using this link.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guidecraft Play Theater Recalled for Entrapment Hazard

Jason Fien, president of Guidecraft, Inc. is celebrating the company’s 46th year in the industry. This educational toy manufacturer began in 1964 with a line of 10 wooden toys, growing year by year to an expansive list of over 850 products, including children’s furniture. But today the birthday celebration was dampened by a product safety recall of 2,150 units of their 4-in-1 Dramatic Play Theater. Sold across the USA and Canada, the two recalled products were manufactured in China at the Mega Profit Trading Ltd, factory.

Guidecraft has received a couple of consumer reports about the units tipping over during use and causing injuries to the child. The unit weighs about 46 pounds when assembled. Young children, who may not be strong enough to lift the product, can become entrapped under the fallen panels.
The recall involves only the 4-in-1 Dramatic Play Theater, model G51062. This theater has the model number visible in the assembly guide and on a label located at the bottom of the center crossbar. As shown in these photos from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the theater has interchangeable side panels allowing the user to change the theme of the theater from a puppet theater, to a café, to a medical office, and finally to a post office.
Consumers would have purchased the units through mail order catalogs, Internet retailer sites, or at Guidecraft.com from July 2010 and through April 2011. Guidecraft is offering a refund or replacement product , so contact them immediately via phone at (888) 824-1308, or through their website at www.guidecraft.com .
Health Canada press release can be found here.
CPSC safety alert can be found here.

Comment:  It is common for the general public to jump to the conclusion that because this product was produced in China, blame is naturally placed on the Chinese manufacturer. However, consumers should be aware that most products made at Chinese factories, for American companies, are designed and produced according to specs from the American importer. Of course this is not always the case, but the great majority of Chinese factories are following outlines given to them by their customer.  It is the responsibility of the importer to assure that the design is properly tested for safe function, chemical content, and durability under normal and foreseeable use.  As an informed parent, always be sure you feel comfortable with the stability of ANY freestanding play unit before purchasing it for your child.  Children's play patterns can dramatically impact the safe use of a product, and heavy pieces that can fall over if one or more portion of their support pieces is dislodged during play should be considered risky.  The weight and stability of a play unit are both important factors to consider before purchasing a free-standing product.